June 2019 -- Progress and Collaboration with the City

     FlowWest is currently working on the hydraulic modeling required for the Next Level Design Plan.  The modeling and designs should be ready for review by the City this summer.   

     Meanwhile, City planner Adam Foster wrote and submitted a grant application for Prop. 1 funds for creek restoration, which aims to use our 30% plan and take it to the 60% design level. Included is planning for a trail and green infrastructure. The application affirms our partnership with the City and their commitment to the project.  Long-range future plans may include possible daylighting of the creek below Bank of America to the 1920 bridge. 

     In addition, Contra Costa County Flood Control has offered to transfer their creek lot to the City for restoration purposes.  The City is starting the process of “due diligence” in order to accept the parcel.


February 2019 -- EBMUD's Endorsement!

     The Restoration Project has received the official support of EBMUD.  Click here to read their recent letter to Mayor Inga Miller regarding the alignment of the Downtown San Pablo Restoration Plan with EBMUD's own East Bay Watershed Master Plan which "strives to improve water quality, increase biodiversity and provide opportunities for the public to enjoy" the local watershed.


February 2019 -- Check out the Buzz in the Orinda News!

The Orinda Association's February edition of the Orinda News featured a nice column about the restoration based on an interview with Friends of Orinda Creeks' President Bob Stoops (note correct spelling) and Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary's Paul Bettelheim.  You can read it by clicking here!


October 2018 -- Engineering Design Firm Selected!

          FlowWest out of Berkeley, CA has been selected to provide the engineering basis for a restored San Pablo Creek.  FlowWest has worked on similar projects throughout California and has the experience and capability to develop what’s known as The Next Level Design Plan.  This will advance the Preliminary Restoration Plan to a 30% design level and provide cost estimates for the final design, permitting and construction costs.

          Importantly, the Plan will include three (3) concept level designs of creek and restoration alternatives to present to the City and adjacent property owners. Gentle meanders will most likely be a part of the final design in order to restore functionality.  Click here for FlowWest's Example Design and here for their full proposal.


June 2018 -- FOC Considers 3 Design Plan Proposals

The following three Bay Area firms have submitted proposals (RFP) in response to the RFP:

  1.  Balance Hydrologics  (with MIG)
  2.  Flow West
  3.  Restoration Design Group

These  proposals are currently being reviewed by FOC and the City of Orinda.


April 2018 -- RFP Issued by FOC

          Friends of Orinda Creeks has released a request for proposals to advance the Preliminary Restoration Plan for San Pablo Creek (2001) to a 30% Design Plan.  Design details at the 30% level shall:

  • Be suitable for CEQA review.
  • Provide cost estimates for 65% and final design, permitting and ultimate construction costs.
  • Update the revegetation plan.
  • Develop first cut hydraulic modeling, such as HEC-RAS, to evaluate capacity and geomorphic function of alternatives under baseflow and three flood flow scenarios (Q10, 50, 100).
  • Propose three (3) concept level designs of creek and floodplain alternatives (with input from the City and FOC’s outreach efforts with landowners), including a trail system.


September 2017 -- ULI Report Endorses Downtown Creek Restoration

          Based on stakeholder interviews conducted in 2017, ULI - an outside consulting firm tasked with providing expert, multidiscipline advice and recommendations to Orinda regarding the future of Downtown Orinda – uncovered strong community interest in integrating San Pablo Creek into the planning of downtown Orinda and “converting the creek into a usable community asset.”

          The ULI report concluded “San Pablo Creek represents a huge opportunity for downtown…San Pablo Creek could someday become a defining feature of Orinda.”


October 2001 -- City Approved Preliminary Restoration Plan

          FOC presented the Preliminary Restoration Plan for San Pablo Creek to the Orinda City Council in October 2001.  The council voted to support the plan and to work with FOC in their implementation efforts. 


July 2001 -- Preliminary Restoration Plan for San Pablo Creek

          A preliminary restoration plan for San Pablo Creek was commissioned by Friends of Orinda Creeks and funded by EBMUD in conjunction with the California Regional Water Board SEP program in July, 2001.

          The Plan was developed by an engineer and hydrologist with Water Resources Institute (WRI). They used historical documents to calculate channel dimensions (capacity), equilibrium channel slope, valley slope and meander ratios with the goal of recreating a natural channel that is stable and provides increased flood control.  The plan also included a creekside path and native revegetation.